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Raines & Fischer has more than 30 years of experience serving landlords in the New York area.

While you likely engage a professional real estate management firm to handle most day-to-day functions for your properties, as a landlord, you also need the expertise of an accountant for specific tax-related matters. Raines & Fischer will keep you up to date on the always-changing tax code as it relates to your holdings. You can also look to us for expert tax advice on such issues as cash vs. accrual accounting, bonus depreciation, or repairs and maintenance deductibility. Your property managers may also need a CPA’s advisement on budgeting, cash management, or other daily issues.

Enjoy comprehensive, personalized service, and a full understanding of the specific needs of NYC landlords.

Over the years Raines & Fischer has served as tax preparers and property managers for various rental buildings. As such, we have developed a unique understanding of what services landlords need from the tax side, as well as the property management side, giving us a deeper perspective on your needs.

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