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Your time is best spent strengthening relationships and placing candidates

As a professional in the recruitment and temporary staffing field, you can rely on Raines & Fischer for comprehensive CPA services and strategic business guidance.

As an owner or principal of a recruitment or staffing agency, your time is best spent strengthening client relationships and finding and placing candidates, not worrying about paperwork and taxes. To that end, we take a proactive approach in assisting and advising you on the tax and business issues that are particularly relevant to your industry, including year-end tax planning and compliance, budgeting and cash management assistance, and 1099 form issuance.

We’ve been helping staffing firms operate efficiently and increase their profitability for more then 30 years.

Raines & Fischer has been working with staffing agencies since we opened our doors. We have partners who served as officers of recruiting firms, who previously have served as key advisors in staffing firms looking for merger or buyout opportunities, and have helped firms secure and negotiate financing to assist with their cash management needs.

With our “on-the-ground” experience in the industry, reasonable fees, high level of personalized service, and partner-level involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice to provide all your tax and accounting services.

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Alan P. Raines
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