Rely on individual attention, dedicated staff, and direct Partner involvement.

Hedge Fund Services

The hedge fund industry is different from other industries in that it requires a number of service providers from inception and through the duration of their lifespan.

Investment Advisory Services

Raines & Fischer can take over the responsibility of putting your wealth to work for you, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Tax Services

Whether you're a fund manager, a business owner, or an individual who has complex finances, you will benefit from our integrated tax consulting, planning, and preparation services.


Whether you are meticulous about making entries in QuickBooks and running your own P&L every month, or throw all your receipts in a shoebox at the end of the year, we can offer as little, or as much assistance with paperwork and expense management as you require.

Audit & Review

When critical documentation is required by creditors or investors, Raines & Fischer works for you to the highest standard, with partner-level involvement from start to finish.

Financial Statement Preparation

From a simple business loan application to a complex financial report prior to a sale or merger, Raines & Fischer can help put together the necessary statements you need quickly and efficiently.

New Business Formation

Starting a new business? The business structure you choose will have legal and tax implications. Raines & Fischer will help guide you to the choice that's best suited to your new entity and get you set up quickly.

Tax Audit Representation

Being informed that you will be audited is never a pleasant experience. With numerous audits under our belt – for both individuals and businesses – Raines & Fischer will work on your behalf to make the process as stress-free and successful as possible.

Personal Financial Services

Fund Managers, Small Business Owners, and High-Net-Worth Individuals often have complex personal financial needs. Raines & Fischer can keep your personal finances on track, freeing you to focus on what's most important to you.

Offshore Disclosure (OVDP)

If you have offshore accounts, proper reporting to the IRS is crucial, not only to protect your funds, but also to avoid potentially severe monetary and criminal penalties. Raines & Fischer can help make sure you are in compliance.

Estates & Trust Administration

Planning for your family's needs, and working through the issues that arise when a family member dies can be daunting and complex. Raines & Fischer can help advise you on solutions to these very personal and important issues.

Family Office Services

As a family office, you need help with tax planning, estate planning, investment, real estate and personal services in a seamless manner.

Legal Services

The Law Office of Alan P. Raines, Esq. provides a variety of legal services to clients of Raines & Fischer, LLP as well as to independent clients.

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