We provide

Family Office Services

As a family office, you need help with tax planning, estate planning, investment, real estate and personal services in a seamless manner.

Let Raines & Fischer handle the needs of your family office. From tax compliance, to private banking and private trust services, to record keeping services, expense management, and more, Raines & Fischer can provide support, giving you the confidence that comes from knowing your finances are in order.

We are experts at tax planning.

Raines & Fischer has 30 years of experience planning taxes for family offices. Experts in hedging techniques, we take aggressive or low risk strategies for your taxes. In addition, we provide investment management, strategies for charities, capital gains, AMT, and we maintain a real time knowledge of the ever-changing tax laws, both in the USA and Internationally.

We can manage your estate planning.

When managing estates, we analyze the current estate plan, and cover such issues as life insurance, charitable giving, and intergenerational wealth planning. Planning for your family’s needs, and working through the issues that arise when a family member passes away can be daunting and complex. Raines & Fischer can help advise you on solutions to these very personal and important issues.

Our investment services allow you to put your wealth to work.

Raines & Fischer offers many services to ensure that you are fully aware of your financial picture. We provide cash flow and balance sheet preparation, income statements, and evaluation of net worth. We are also able to negotiate loans and review venture capital and private equity deals. You control your own portfolio, and we will tailor your investments to meet your priorities and needs.

Tax return preparation can be a daunting task. Raines & Fischer offers a turnkey solution for Family Offices.

We are experts at preparing tax returns, seeking the path that works for you, whether it is long-term profitability or short term cashflow. We will evaluate your income, gifts, foundations, partnerships, trusts, corporations and/or estates to prepare a comprehensive and money-saving tax return. We offer tax projections, record keeping and audit representation. Let Raines & Fischer provide step-by-step guidance with tax planning and compliance all year – not just during tax season.

Use our accounting services.

If wanted, we can provide accounting services such as bill paying, overseeing payroll tax preparation, foundation administration, and medical reimbursements. By selecting Raines & Fischer for your accounting/bookkeeping services, you are getting qualified professionals whose experience typically goes well beyond that of per-diem accountants or bookkeepers.

We offer real estate services for your family office.

Skip the monthly burden of paying bills for all of your various properties. Raines & Fischer can manage your properties, and pay all of the bills on time, every time while minding your cashflow.

Personal services for you.

And lastly, we offer personal services including a daily life monitor, our helpful concierge, and appraisal. This high level of support will provide security and comfort, knowing that our team of highly trained professionals have your back.