Tax Audit Representation

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Finding out that you’ll be audited is never a pleasant experience. With numerous audits under our belt – for both individuals and businesses – Raines & Fischer will work on your behalf to make the process as stress-free and successful as possible.

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Experts in all facets of tax compliance

Over the years, we have had a breadth of experience dealing with many different tax compliance agencies. Whether it be the IRS, state tax agencies, or sales tax and workers’ compensation boards, we know how the auditors operate and know how to make the audit process go as smoothly as possible. Although we cannot guarantee a positive result in an audit situation, we have had a high record of success over the years in representing clients during tax audits.

Unparalleled organization and preparation

Our experience, meticulous attention to detail, and knowledge of tax law can add valuable credibility to your case. We always adhere to the motto that “preparation is key” when it comes to tax audits, and we show up to every tax audit organized and prepared. This preparation allows us to better predict any issues that may come up and leads to increased credibility with the tax auditors.

Representation for even the most complex audits

We can represent you, your estate, and your business in audits of every kind, including complex state residency and estate tax audits. Preparing estate tax returns is often a very complicated undertaking. Equally difficult is understanding and adhering to state residency requirements. These are used to determine tax owed to states where you work or reside for any part of the year. Both of these situations can trigger an audit. At Raines & Fischer, we are especially qualified to handle these audits and will work on your behalf to arrive at the best possible outcome.

IRS Audits
State Tax Authority Audits (all states and DC)
Sales Tax and Workers’ Compensation Audits (all states and DC)
Tax Audit Services include:

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