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Trust and estate planning and tax compliance have always been important, and thanks to ever-evolving legislation, they have become increasingly complex and challenging in recent years. When looking for a firm to handle your needs, choose experienced and skilled representation in planning for various trust and estate issues and preparing the tax returns for trusts and estates. Why? Missteps can lead to large, unexpected tax bills.

Planning for the unexpected.

You need a firm with experience that can plan for the unexpected, is up to date on constant tax law changes, and is able to take the lead when it comes to tax compliance. You need a firm that can help you develop an estate plan, is familiar with the many trust instruments available, and is prepared and experienced enough to tackle all the complex issues that will arise.

Personalized CPA and legal services under one roof.

Trust and estate planning and tax compliance has been one of Raines & Fischer’s fastest-growing practice areas in recent years. Our managing partner, Alan P. Raines, Esq., is also a practicing attorney, who brings a wealth of experience in handling estate and trust issues to you. We work closely with the law office of Alan P. Raines, Esq. to provide the complete solution when it comes to trusts and estates. All of our partners are well-versed in trusts and estate tax compliance and planning. Together, they offer step-by-step guidance to ensure your wishes are met.

With our depth of experience in law and accounting, high level of personalized service, and active partner involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones’ needs.

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