Our Team

We’re dedicated to them so they can be dedicated to you.

Our team loves what they do. We’d say that’s a result of how much we focus on staff involvement and long-term success. But don’t take our word for it. Go ahead and ask any of our team members why they chose Raines & Fischer.

Administrative Team

Dominica Taylor

Dominica Taylor

Melissa Raines

Dominica Taylor

Dominica Taylor

Senior Accounting Team

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Karen Chowske

Olivia Eng

Olivia Eng

Sophie Uber

Sophie Uber


Charlene Metz

Jing Jin


Om Thosar

Accounting Staff

Gabriella Capanelli

Nicole Padeiro

Subrina Armogan

Slater Dvoor

Tara O’Connor

Aaron McDougal

Shelby Riofrio

Joanna Szczepanik

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