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Benefit from 30 years of financial expertise integrated into your company’s operations

For architects, Raines & Fischer knows the last thing you want to be doing is paperwork.

As an architect, your time is best spent meeting with clients and bringing your projects to fruition, not worrying about bookkeeping and taxes. To that end, we take a proactive approach to assisting and advising you on the tax and business issues that are particularly important to architecture firms, including cash flow management, time tracking and billing, year-end tax planning, 1099 issuance, budgeting, and sales tax and income tax compliance.

In addition, we can represent you during sales tax, IRS, and workers’ compensation audits should the need ever arise, and for smaller firms that do not have a bookkeeper or accounting staff, we can serve as – or supplement – your in-house accounting department.

We’ve been helping architects operate efficiently and increase their profitability for more than 30 years.

Raines & Fischer has worked with architects for many years. With our “on-the-ground” experience in the industry, reasonable fees, high level of personalized service, and partner-level involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice to provide all your tax and accounting services.

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