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Raines & Fischer understands the unique needs of Broker-Dealers.

The government’s response to the financial scandals that have plagued the country have led to increased regulation of the broker-dealer industry. This includes not only the broker-dealers themselves, but their auditors, who are subject to increased scrutiny as well. As a broker-dealer you need to be able to properly comply with SEC and FINRA regulations, and your auditors need to be registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). You also need to maintain a set amount of net capital in your business depending on the functions you provide, ensure that proper controls are in place for any accounts you have under your umbrella, and have adequate professional guidance to deal with FINRA regulators that may review your processes from time to time.

We specialize in serving smaller firms, especially those that do not have full-size accounting departments.

Raines & Fischer has been auditing broker-dealers for many years and, as such, we are registered with and have been through the PCAOB inspection process of auditors. We also routinely serve as a trusted advisor to clients in dealing with FINRA regulators. We specialize in serving smaller broker-dealers who do not have full-size accounting departments and need more of a personal touch from their CPA firm at rates that are not cost-prohibitive.

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