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High-Net-Worth Individuals

Year round advising on preserving wealth and minimizing tax exposure

Managing high net worth requires taking a look at the bigger picture.

As a highly successful person, you have specialized tax planning and compliance needs that demand more than ordinary accounting services. If you are like many of our private clients, you may have personal assets as well as business interests or investments that require the filing of complex tax forms not only with the IRS but perhaps in many states as well. In circumstances like these, preserving wealth and minimizing tax exposure requires careful planning and advisement throughout the year, not just during the tax-filing season.

We have been serving the unique and complex needs of wealthy individuals for more than 30 years.

With decades of experience in tax planning and compliance, the Raines & Fischer team is well versed in the most complex issues that plague individual taxpayers. We offer step-by-step guidance all year, not just at tax-time, and have experience in filing the most complex of tax returns in every part of the country.

And we go beyond just accounting. As seasoned business advisors, we can also assist you with trust and estate planning, review your expenses and cash flow to identify areas in which to maximize savings, and help plan for significant future outlays, such as the purchase of a second or third home, all at a high level of personalized, expert service.

We also provide family office services of check writing, bill paying, bookkeeping and concierge management to many of our clients. Our affiliations with various money managers allows us to refer you to various investment alternatives should the need arise.

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