The industry is going through a major shift; we’ll keep you in compliance.

We will help you navigate everything from nexus to mergers in a rapidly changing industry.

Financial services for publishing houses

Rely on Raines & Fischer to navigate the challenges of the rapidly changing publishing industry. As a publishing executive, you know the industry is going through a major shift. With the nature of online content and print media evolving on an almost daily basis, tax issues associated with the industry are changing constantly, resulting in a need for professional advisement on sales tax law compliance, nexus issues pertaining to interstate commerce, and a host of other challenges. 

Raines & Fischer can help you navigate these new challenges, as well as provide assistance with other accounting and business needs particularly relevant to publishing, including complying with complex employee vs. freelancer tests for individuals with whom you do business, year-end tax planning, and filing of corporate returns.

Merging or restructuring?

Because the industry is in such flux, we are increasingly facilitating mergers or restructuring deals as publishing companies seek to cut costs and take advantage of economies of scale. We can also provide outsourced staff to serve as bookkeepers and accountants on- or off-site, and can represent you during sales tax, IRS, and workers’ compensation audits, should the need ever arise.

Decades of experience in the publishing industry

We’ve been helping publishers operate efficiently and maximize their profit margins for more than 30 years. Raines & Fischer has worked with publishers from well before the Internet boom right up through today. With our “on-the-ground” experience in the industry, reasonable fees, high level of personalized service, and partner-level involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice to provide all your tax and accounting services.

Get a firm who gets you — and gets publishing.