Condos and Co-ops

Independent accountants for audits and reviews.

We’ve served co-ops and condos in NYC for more than 30 years with supportive back office tax services.

Independent accountants at your service.

Co-op and condo owners usually require their building’s financial statements be audited or reviewed by an independent accountant. Although general, ongoing back-office services are usually managed by a professional real estate management firm, there is still the need for financial statement preparation as well as professional advisement on numerous tax functions, including the preparation of year-end tax returns, issuance of 1099s, and issuance of shareholder tax information and 1098s.

On top of changes, so you don't have to be.

The tax code is always changing and condos and co-ops need expert tax advice on such issues as bonus depreciation and repairs and maintenance deductibility. Our partners stay on top of these changes and know what to expect from three decades of experience serving as independent accountants for NYC co-ops and condos for 30 years.

Catering to the needs of your building.

Raines & Fischer has served co-op and condo owners in all functions – as independent auditors, tax preparers, and property managers. In the process, we have developed a unique understanding of what services these buildings need from the audit side, the tax side, and the property management side. Although we cannot service all functions for the same client (due to independence requirements for auditors), our varied experience allows us to have a deeper perspective on your building’s needs.

Get a firm who gets you — and who gets co-ops and condos.