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Benefit from big-firm expertise without the big price tag

Raines & Fischer specializes in hedge fund start-ups.

Hedge funds and other alternative investment funds make up an industry in constant flux that demands expert professional advice. Whether it is annual changes to the tax code for investments, or new regulatory requirements announced by the SEC, new laws and regulations are coming out at every turn. As a hedge fund manager, you can look to Raines & Fischer as a trusted source to help guide you through these changes, allowing you to concentrate on your portfolios rather than on the IRS or SEC.

Receive guidance every step of the way.

Start-up hedge funds and alternative investment funds also face their own distinct set of challenges. We will help you every step of the way with guidance in selecting service providers (attorneys, auditors, fund administrators, prime brokers, etc.), preparing fund documents, filing SEC and other governmental agency registrations, and setting up your accounting system.

Benefit from big-firm expertise without the big price tag.

As one of our core industries, Raines & Fischer has more than 20 years of experience in the hedge fund industry, handling all accounting functions that funds need. Whether you wish to retain us for your annual audit, tax return preparation, fund administration, or some combination thereof, we have been through all the major challenges in the industry. Other firms may tout their experience as a whole but then assign younger staff with less experience to your account. We give our hedge fund clients partner-level attention, and our flexible fee structure is designed specifically to offer a cost-effective solution for start-up or smaller/mid-size funds.

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