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With more than 30 years experience, we know what matters to you.

We Know Your Industry

Raines & Fischer opened in 1984. Our 30 year practice has yielded expertise in widespread industries. Our four partners focus on complimentary marketplaces which makes us an ideal candidate for clients from hedge funds to entrepreneurial small businesses to family estates. We are active participants in The AICPAThe PCAOB and The NYSSCPA, and we have many in-house programs to regularly audit our own best practices, ensuring the highest quality service across industries. Read more about our experience and offerings for your specific industry. Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation to see if Raines & Fischer is the right fit for you.

Hedge Funds & Investments

As a small firm with Big-Four expertise, Raines & Fischer is the cost-effective choice for hedge funds and other alternative investment start-ups.

Hedge Funds
Investment Managers

Real Estate

From securing tax credits for a new development project to preparing taxes for a co-op, we offer comprehensive services and guidance at a reasonable cost.

Co-ops & Condos

Small Businesses

Raines & Fischer knows the unique challenges facing small business owners – because we’re small business owners, too.

Creative Agencies
The Fashion Industry
Executive Recruiting
Executive Staffing


Raines & Fischer has worked with publishers from well before the Internet boom right up through today. With our “on-the-ground” experience in the industry, reasonable fees, high level of personalized service, and partner-level involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice to provide all your tax and accounting services.

Architects & Contractors

We provide crucial guidance for architects and contractors from compliance to cash management to business strategy.

Building Contractors & Subcontractors
Interior Designers & Decorators

Medical & Dental Practices

As a doctor, dentist, or other medical professional, your time is best spent attending to your patients, not worrying about tax deadlines and cash flow.

Law Firms

Raines & Fischer has worked with legal professionals since the inception of the firm. And our managing partner, Alan P. Raines is an attorney as well as a CPA, providing an additional level of insight as to your particular needs.

Nonprofit Organizations

Your nonprofit organization has distinct needs compared to most other kinds of businesses. While nonprofits are not usually concerned with paying taxes, there are complexities in the industry when it comes to tax and regulatory compliance that could undermine your organization if you are not given the proper guidance. Stiff penalties often accompany missteps in tax and regulatory filings, so it is important to have an experienced CPA firm to advise you and to audit or review your financial statements, when the need arises. We have partners who have served on nonprofit organization boards, have assisted organizations in recruiting and training their senior accounting executives, and have offered ongoing guidance in the complex tax and regulatory landmines that challenge the industry.

Wholesale Distributors

Raines & Fischer has worked with wholesale distributors for many years, and they have been among our largest clients. With our depth of experience in the industry, reasonable fees, high level of personalized service, and partner-level involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice to provide all your tax and accounting services.


Trust and estate planning has always been an important function, and it has become increasingly complex and challenging in recent years as estate tax laws have been in constant flux. With our depth of experience in law and accounting, high level of personalized service, and active partner involvement, Raines & Fischer is the perfect choice for you and your loved ones’ needs.

High-Net-Worth Individuals

As a highly successful person, you have specialized tax planning and compliance needs that demand more than ordinary accounting services. We offer step-by-step guidance all year, not just at tax-time, and have experience in filing the most complex of tax returns in every part of the country. And we go beyond just accounting. As seasoned business advisors, we can also assist you with trust and estate planning, review your expenses and cash flow to identify areas in which to maximize savings, and help plan for significant future outlays, such as the purchase of a second or third home, all at a high level of personalized, expert service.


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